Monday, April 9, 2018

Woodland Hills News | Police shooting with gunman killed | Raw Footage

BREAKING NEWS - Reseda Suspect Shoot out with Police

Police foot pursuit ended into a gunfight with police and one 20-year-old suspect in Reseda Monday.  
Media story credits: BADDBOYFILMS NEWS, Media Tv Services | Shooting | April 9, 2018 Reseda, CA

1 Suspect was shot and killed by police, 2 Officers were reported to of sustained minor injuries in this shooting which involved a 20 year old male suspect who apparently was reported driving a stolen car that had set off it’s own LoJack system. Police located the vehicle traveling erratically  through Canoga Park early Monday morning when the police pursuit ensued.


 Suspect's Vehicle ditched after the pursuit Near intersection Victory bl. and Corbin Ave. 

The suspect bailed out near the 6400 block along Corbin Av and a police suspect foot pursuit ensued. The suspect was said to of having a possible weapon and there has been a handgun recovered at the scene by police. 

Police were wearing body cam’s and those body cameras were turned on during the foot pursuit and that video will be released at a later time after Police have concluded their investigation, Media Relations LapD Sandoval said. 

The suspect’s identity is not yet a press release and the body of the suspect will remain on scene till coroner investigators of the Los Angeles Chief Medical Examiner’s Office conclude with their investigation and Robbery detectives from the Los Angeles West Valley Police Department conclude their evidence gathering at this scene. 

The 2 officers involved in the foot pursuit were transported via RA to a nearby hospital for treatment and are reported to be in stable and good recovery as their injuries were not life-threatening. One Police officer was reported to have a apparent gunshot to his knee while the other Lapd officer involved in chasing the suspect only suffered some scraps and bruising from the foot pursuit. 

It is not clear wether of not the suspect had the gun found on scene in his possession or returned fire at the officers with that gun, though a handgun recovered from this scene was reported.  it is unclear wether the officer shot himself or if the suspect shot at officers with that reported handgun which officers had said they found on scene. Media relations - LAPD Sandoval just said that a handgun was found on the scene, they didn't specify wether the suspect shot at officers with that particular handgun which was said to be found on scene after the suspect was shot dead. 

The Reseda shooting started this morning at 10:00am and has Corbin Av. intersection of Victory Blvd and Corbin Av at Vanowen St. shutdown to thru traffic along the 6400 block of Corbin avenue in Reseda today. 

The Coroner on scene with the Lapd had set up a encampment in the middle of Corbin Avenue between Hamlin St and Victory Blvd and called it as crime scene. After 8:00pm the streets should be open for thru traffic said LAPD Officer Sandoval. 

Photo credits: Baddboyfilms News, Los Angeles Tv News Services.